When they met again


It was almost a year since Anubha left Ajay for another man. At least, that’s what her note said. Ajay was heartbroken because he believed they were perfect for each other—a match made in heaven, as the adage goes. But with that note, everything fell apart between them. Ajay, since then, had been looking for an answer to why she did that. Despite several efforts to forget his ladylove, he had not been able to move on.

Four years passed by. One afternoon, when Ajay was on his way back home from the office, something, or rather someone caught his attention. It was Anubha, sitting on a park bench. Ajay was speechless. He had never expected to see her again. He was overwhelmed by a rush of mixed emotions. On one hand, he was excited to see her, on the other, he wanted to confront her. Ajay stormed into the park and tapped Anubha on her shoulder. Startled, she lost her balance and fell headlong. Anubha brushed herself off but couldn’t stand on her own.

Not in his worst nightmare could Ajay have imagined what he saw—Anubha was missing her left leg. She was an amputee, wearing a prosthetic leg. Ajay was at a loss of words, his lips started trembling and tears rolled down his cheeks. A bruised Anubha smiled, “The accident changed my life. I left because I didn’t want you to suffer. I wanted you to lead a happy life.” Ajay broke down and wept inconsolably. For four years, all he did was curse Anubha for leaving him, while all she wanted for him was an unencumbered life. That day, when they met again, he realised what love really is.


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