Cancer is that one hard disease which none of us would like to have. But when you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, your motherhood dreams can come to a standstill all of a sudden. Every moment would be difficult to surpass thinking about how to become pregnant in the future.

Cancer itself is a devastating agony. What if when someone is affected by cancer at a very young age? Or when you actually started planning for a baby, obviously your future dreams of parenthood is will be affected with it right?

Many myths you may hear that when someone is cancer affected, they are deprived of being a parent in the future.

Peoples having ovarian cancer and the resulting treatment can affect fertility. The treatment of it may cause the removal of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

In this scenario, normal pregnancy would be difficult. When you do chemotherapy, it can further damage your ovaries which can lead to an increased risk of earlier menopause.

Also, chemotherapy can delay your menstrual periods and the irregularities in the period would be a side effect of the fertility issue. That by itself is not a fertility issue. When radiation is done as a part of the treatment, gradually, it can lead to infertility.

With all these complications present, there can be still hope. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get pregnant as there are many other possible ways that help you to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

With modern technological advancement, it has become easier than before to give birth in spite of you being affected by diseases like ovarian cancer. Not to worry. Cheer up, the doors to your parenthood is still open!

So, ideally, the best advice is that you need to go to the fertility centre and they need to store the ovarian eggs. A period of 15-20 days is needed for preserving the eggs.

However, you need to make sure that the preservation of eggs is done prior to your cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as there is a greater possibility that these treatments can lead to infertility.

Once you store the eggs in an IVF clinic, you can go ahead with the cancer treatments as advised by your doctor.

So, here the good thing is that once you have completed the cancer treatment or when you have married already or after you marry and planning for a baby, you can approach the same IVF centre where your eggs are stored. These are the healthy eggs and hence, using these by mixing it with your husband’s sperm and then form an embryo. The embryo then can be placed in the uterus. In this way, pregnancy is possible without any complications.

You don’t have to lose hope anymore as fertility is absolutely possible! If you are a married couple, you thus choose the IVF treatments like Oocyte Banking and Embryo Banking.

Oocyte Banking or Egg Banking is required by young cancer patients before they experience possibly sterilizing treatment and is an alluring option to in vitro fertilization and embryo cryopreservation.

Embryo Banking, as mentioned before, is the collection of oocytes after the fertilization and then stored in the laboratory and froze to viable embryos.

Even if you have a worse case of uterine cancer and it is at the advanced stage wherein the uterus has to be removed, you can still opt for surrogacy.

Everything has a solution or an alternative to it. As you know even if one door closes, miracles can still happen!

If you are worried about IVF treatments when you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, then the best thing to do is to approach the expert IVF specialist Dr Shwetha.Y.Baratikkae in Bangalore. With a proven track record of numerous success cases IVF high-risk pregnancies, she dedicates her immense care and knowledge to make your parenthood dreams come true!

Seek the right doctor and right method, the rest is guaranteed!


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