Power brings responsibilities


All of us can recollect the ideas and ambitions we used to portray on being asked to write an essay, “If I were the prime minister of India” in our school days. We all used to imagine the utopian society if we were given an opportunity to run it. Smartly carving our solutions to the socio-economic, political, and security-related problems, we could write endlessly provided that if we had all the power of being the leader.

But is it easy to come in and remain in power? Is it secure and safe to remain at the top? Chanakya says about what kind of dangers a king has to face, “For the king, there is (danger of) revolt in the interior or in the outer regions.” (8.2.2)

The greatest danger for a king is of the revolt. This is what he has to be aware of and protect himself from. What does revolt mean to a leader in business? It means dissatisfaction of the employees, shareholders, and stakeholders who are the integral parts of the organisation. There are also external threats from suppliers, customers, and clients.

Even politicians are aware that if they do not rule properly and people are dissatisfied then the voters can overthrow them. How to keep everybody happy when you are in command of an organisation?

A good leader knows that only committed employees run an organisation.

Understand the needs of the market

As a leader, it is important to understand the needs of the people in the organisation as well as of the market and the industry. As long as you are fulfilling the needs of them, they will be loyal to you. But while doing the need’s analysis one should also be able to differentiate between need and greed.

Remember old clients while making new ones

Business is not a one-time deal but a collection of deals over a period of time which makes it a successful business. Hence, understanding the requirements of people around is a continuous process. You should be always on the move. Keep meeting your old clients regularly even when you are in the process of expanding the client base.

Solve the problem immediately

To curb any revolt, early action is a must. Similarly, it is necessary to curb the dissatisfaction of the employees and clients, the moment any such issue crops up. On sensing any threat in terms of market or labour unrest, pay attention to it and resolve as soon as possible before it prolongs.

A good leader knows that only committed employees run an organisation. They also are aware of the fact that only satisfied customers bring good business.


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