Abhinav didn’t even blink. He just looked into her big, beautiful eyes. It wasn’t the first time he looked at her with so much passion and intensity. It’d been eight long years and Abhinav’s loving gaze hadn’t shifted from Ananya’s face. Only this time around, Ananya kept looking away. “Please don’t waste your time on me,” she pleaded with him.It looked like their relationship was coming to an end. Ananya and Abhinav were all set to get married, but destiny had a different plan. Ananya was diagnosed with cancer. With this, her dream of becoming a bride was falling apart.But Abhinav wasn’t ready to give up on her. He wanted to share her pain, and stand by her side—no matter how long they were destined to be together. But Ananya was adamant to push him away, towards a better life.Abhinav looked into Ananya’s eyes, “Who said I was wasting time? You are and will always be ‘the one’ until the end of time.” Ananya turned around. With welled up eyes, she looked at Abhinav. But this time, she couldn’t look away. Tears rolled down her face as her gaze finally met his.


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