If life is a journey, friends are the fellow travellers that make our journey unforgettable. The moments we share with our friends always remain vivid in our memory—be it playing games in the elementary school, gossiping about our crushes as teens, or going to a friend’s wedding as the best man or the maid of honour.
But once we’re past our formative years, we might find that we no longer make friends as easily. What was once part and parcel of life might suddenly require conscious effort. According to a study published in the Psychological Bulletin, an individual’s circle of friends starts shrinking by the time they reach their late 20s .
It is not all that surprising. As children, we were willing to be vulnerable. But as adults, we tend to conceal our vulnerabilities from others. As children, we weren’t judgemental. But as adults, we are set in our ways that limit our pool of friends. Add family commitments, jobs and our own mental blocks to the mix and there is hardly any space to squeeze in new friends.
But on the bright side, we mature with age and we learn how to build and maintain friendships with people who are right for us. This Friendship Day, Soulveda speaks to people about the challenges they face in making new friends later in life, and what they do to overcome them.

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