Man is curious by nature. His insatiable thirst to seek answers has led him to the unchartered waters and unknown territories of the mysterious world. His quest brought him closer to the inexplicable quirks of nature. Along the way, he found answers to a few insoluble questions, while many remained unresolved as ever. But the curiosity he started his journey with only grew as he evolved and philosophised.

As he went along, he discovered nature’s various creations, waiting for him to unravel its mysteries. Soulveda set out to explore this fascination human being display for mystery and adventure. Here are five mysterious places in the world that are intriguing, riveting and enchanting at the same time—the explanations science may have offered for these mystery elements notwithstanding.

Bermuda Triangle

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean off North America? This mysterious stretch of the Atlantic Ocean or ‘the Devil’s Triangle’ is associated with the strange disappearance of many ships and aircraft. Author Gian J Quasar in his book, Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World’s Greatest Mystery, stated, “There is a growing belief that there is something very different out in the Triangle as opposed to other seas. Since ships and planes disappear in like manner, there seems to be little possibility that ordinary mishaps such as pilot error, vertigo, fuel exhaustion, getting lost, disorientation, or natural disasters like tidal waves, cyclones, or whirlpools can be the sole culprit. While some of the above can be deadly to planes, they are not to ships and vice versa.”

His statement is believed to be true, though nothing has been proved scientifically. Experts have relied on supernatural theories, violent weather, and anomalies in compass variations to justify the mysterious tales of sunken ships and drowned planes. But, they are just attempts at scientific explanations. It remains the biggest mystery, till date.

Eternal Flame Falls

The Eternal Flame Falls in western New York is a real mystery to behold. The flame emanates from a crack beneath the Shale Creek and flickers continuously despite the flow of water. The mystery is the fire never goes out and it’s a complete natural phenomenon.Several pieces of research reveal that the rocks underneath the park aren’t hot enough to produce gas nor does there seem to be any other method of producing gas. So, what is making the fire burn eternally? Scientists are still baffled and unsure of what actually keeps the flame alight.

Yangsi village

Yangsi village in China’s Sichuan province is quite well-known, as nearly half of its residents are dwarfs—the tallest villager being 3 feet 10 inches, and the shortest only 2 feet 1 inch. One set of locals believe that the dwarfism is the result of the wrath of their ancestors who were not given a proper burial. Although, the absurdity caught the scientists’ attention, they couldn’t actually get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon.The legend goes that a man named Wang once spotted a black turtle that had strange feet. Villagers were delighted to see something so bizarre but they wanted to let the turtle go. However, some villagers killed the animal and ate it. Since then, the curse of the dead turtle is believed to be the cause behind the unusual dwarfism in the village.

Overtoun Bridge

This bridge in Glasgow, built in 1895, will make the hair stand up. A harmless piece of architecture for decades, in the 1950s it began to be referred to as the Bridge of Death. Know why? There were reports of dogs ‘committing suicide’ by plunging to the rocks below the bridge. There have been incidents where as many as fifty dogs leaped to their deaths from the bridge—from the same side and the same spot.These dogs are believed to have been of the same breed of long-nosed hunters, typically with a strong sense of smell. According to some experts, dogs crossing the bridge are drawn in by an ‘optical illusion’ whilst others theorise about ghosts. Although these are some assumptions, experts have not found the exact reason behind the leaping of these dogs off the bridge.

Devil’s Sea

Devil’s Sea, a part of the Pacific Ocean, south of Japan, is often referred to as the Pacific Bermuda Triangle for its association with paranormal phenomena, mythical legends and other unresolved time warp theories. In the mid-1950s, nine freight ships and several fishing boats were reported missing from the region. A crew of 31 sailors was sent by Japan to investigate the disappearance of the vessels, but the ship met with the same fate while crossing the Devil’s Sea. Following this incident, the Japanese government declared the region as dangerous for any expedition or rescue operations.It wasn’t the first time sea vessels had vanished into the thin air near the Japanese coast. In fact, the legend of Devil’s Sea goes way back to 1200s CE, when Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire and the grandson of Genghis Khan, lost around 40,000 soldiers to the mysterious currents of the Pacific Bermuda Triangle. Such inexplicable incidents gave Devil’s Sea its infamous name Dragon’s Triangle, which means abode of marine dragons.


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