How to Avoid Heart Disease When You Have Diabetes?

Heart disease and Diabetes

We are all aware of the consequences of Diabetes which carries lot of complications with it. There are big chances of developing heart disease which can lead to heart attack or stroke. A diabetic patient can protect heart and health by taking care of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

To add to it, high blood sugar can also damage blood vessels and nerves which control heart and blood vessels. If diabetes persists for long duration, then the chances of falling in trap of heart disease are high.

It is a proven fact that people with diabetes have tendency to develop heart disease at a younger age than people without diabetes

Adults with diabetes have higher chances of dying from heart disease than the people without diabetes.

There are certain steps which can lower the chances of getting heart stroke or heart disease.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking would be right command for diabetic patient as both smoking and diabetesnarrow blood vessels which can lead to heart stroke. Smoking can also damage the blood vessels in legs and furthers the risk of lower leg infections, ulcers, and amputation.

High blood pressure

Control of high blood pressure is must as it can damage blood vessels, strain heart and aggravate the problem via increased risk of heart attack, stroke, eye problems and even kidney problems.

Abnormal cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a kind of fat formed by liver and is found in blood. There are two kinds of cholesterol in blood: LDL and HDL

LDI clogs blood vessels and high level of LDI may cause heart disease.

Obesity and belly fat

Even obesity or overweight acts as an obstacle to manage diabetes. It also increases risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Excess belly fat increases the risk of heart disease. You can check your excess bally fat by measuring your waist.

Excess belly fat for man is said to be at risk if it measures more than 40 inches and more than 35 inches in case of woman. A healthy diet plan can reduce calories in your diet. Despite having normal weight, excess belly fat raises the risk of heart problems.

Family history of heart disease

Family history of heart disease develops chances of getting heart diseases. If any member had a heart attack before the age of 50, then chances of developing heart disease are increased.

Here if diabetic patients, you can still save yourself from heart stroke by taking precautions.

How to lower the chances of getting stroke or heart attack on having diabetes?

If diabetes is kept under control, then heart disease can be averted.

Certain measures can be taken to lower the chances of getting heart attack or stroke.

Need to manage your diabetes ABCs

Awareness of ABC’s, help to manage blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. As stated earlier, smoking should be stopped to prevent chances of getting heart disease.

A stands for A1C test

This test shows average blood sugar level over the past 3 months. The higher A1C number  reveals high blood glucose level, This can harm heart, kidneys ,blood vessels, feet, and eyes.

B is for blood pressure

If blood pressure gets too high, then heart works too hard. High blood pressure can become a reason for heart attack or stroke besides damaging kidneys and eyes.

The blood pressure level of diabetic patients should be below 140/90 mm Hg.

C is for cholesterol

There are two kind of cholesterol in your blood: LDL and HDL. Cholesterol can blood vessels which can lead to heart attack. Then HDL Cholesterol helps remove the unwanted cholesterol from your blood vessels to make you safe.

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